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We are specialized in video capture and distribution solutions and target a wide range of industries and applications. Our streaming history started in 2003 around audio streaming for houses of worship and retail in-store media.

Finding the right distribution partner is not easy. Shelf space is abundant, but in today's market this is certainly not enough, especially when your products are innovative and require value-added sales and user guidance to position correctly.

Maybe you focus on the big countries such as Germany, France and the UK. Excellent!
Then let us cover the BeNeLux countries for you.

Since 2010 we have steadily expanded our product line-up and added new suppliers of robust but innovative products. These products fit in or complement our existing line-up and capitalize on available know-how and customer base. Our brands and solutions do not compete, but there might be some small overlaps.

Manufacturers need to have a good reputation and be reliable in delivered product quality, documentation, support and ongoing innovation and product development.

We expand in a controlled pace because we take our time to get familiar with a new brand and product portfolio. We will not be one of many outlets in our territory. We offer a proven track record of results and satisfied partners and customers.

Although we are Netchange, we represent you and make sure that your brand will get the attention it deserves.

And yes, we do have to feel a mutual chemistry. In the end it is all about people who want to do some mutual satisfactory business together.

If you think you deserve a distributor that makes the difference, contact us and pitch us your proposition.


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